What Is Colitis? – An Answer to Your Colitis Queries

Whenever there are problems associated with the gastrointestinal system, questions like “what is ulcerative colitis” always come to light. This is because most of the gastrointestinal problems today are related to colitis or ulcerations. True enough, there is an increasing rate of colitis incidence for unknown reasons. People are curious about the disease that never ending questions are frequently asked by every concerned individual. To put a light to those inquiries, here is a list of some of the most commonly asked questions about colitis. It will nourish you with all the information you need.

What Is Colitis And The Symptoms Associated With It?

What is colitis and the symptoms experienced by the individual afflicted with it? Colitis is defined as inflammation or sores in your stomach which causes bleeding or other problems as the disease progresses to higher levels. The symptoms begin with mild to moderate pain levels and with diarhheal episodes. Anemia, fatigue, weight loss and loss of appetite come next. With time, the disease can cause joint problems, intestinal perforation and infection. If not attended to at an earlier time, the prognosis could be detrimental.

What Is Colitis And Its Causes?

What is colitis and what are its causes? Several theories answer to this question. However, there is only one true answer to what is colitis and what causes it. The problem is genetically linked; this means that the disease is inherited from the family. This is also the every reason why there is no permanent cure for ulcerative colitis. Only the symptoms can be treated through a number of ways.

What Is Colitis And How Is It Diagnosed?

What is colitis and how is it diagnosed? Colitis can be diagnosed or detected through several ways. A physical exam and a medical history are the fundamental diagnostic procedures that the doctors need. Stool exams, blood tests, ultrasounds and endoscopic or colonoscopic procedures are also significant in the detection of the disease. The more reliable forms of diagnosis are those which are invasive. Sigmoidoscopy or bowel viewing provide for the most effective way of disease detection.

What Is Colitis And The Treatments Available For The Disease?

What is colitis and the possible available treatments for the disease? Since there is no permanent cure for the disease, supportive therapy is given instead. The doctor would make use of medications that will relieve the patient from bleeding or inflammation problems. Resting the stomach through a carefully planned diet is also a part of the treatment process. If the patient would adhere to the treatment regimen, it will be greatly possible to reduce remission problems.

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