An Answer To: What Is Ischemic Colitis?

Questions like “what is pseudomembranous colitis” and “what is ischemic colitis” are often asked and browsed through several web pages. Did it ever make you wonder why such queries are being frequently asked these days? Well, there could only be one answer to that – it is because such kinds of disease are commonly occurring from all over the world. As to why such occurrences are happening, we have no answers to that. However, it would be helpful to know everything there is about a disease problem. It can guide us to both prevention and treatment of an illness.

What Is Ischemic Colitis – The Causes

What is ischemic colitis and its causes? Unlike the other inflammatory bowel diseases, ischemic colitis has a few known causes, and these are: previous heart surgeries, history of stroke or cardiovascular problems, decrease in blood pressure, diabetes, congestive heart failure and exposure of the abdomen to radiation. All these causes lead to an interference in blood flow going to our large bowel. It can cause the circulation in the intestines to stop, thus causing an ischemic or frozen colon.

What Is Ischemic Colitis – The Symptoms

What is ischemic colitis and the symptoms associated with it? The signs and indicators of ischemic colitis are more or less similar to other inflammatory bowel conditions. They all manifest abdominal pain, fever due to the inflammation in the bowel, vomiting, bright red blood in the stool, and diarrhea. The symptoms will worsen as the condition progresses to higher levels. If stopped and controlled immediately, the disease can be greatly prevented.

What Is Ischemic Colitis – The Exams And Tests

What is ischemic colitis and the exams needed to detect it? Like the other inflammatory bowel problems, ischemic colitis has a few diagnostic procedures which can detect its occurrence. However, there are only two tests needed to clarify it to make sure that the disease is really present, and the exams are: colonoscopy and angiography. A doctor can easily detect the presence of the disease through these exams. If done during the early stage, the disease can be given immediate treatment to prevent further complications.

What Is Ischemic Colitis – The Treatment

What is ischemic colitis and the treatments associated with it? The treatment process for ischemic colitis is a bit different from the other inflammatory bowel conditions. Usually, management of the blood pressure can manage the disease. However, other medications are also needed by the bowel such as vitamin supplementation and corticosteroids to relieve the inflammation in the linings of the bowel. A planned diet can also help in the healing process. Although the dead colon cannot be relieved or treated, there are many possible ways to alleviate the patient’s condition. However, it is vital to remember that compliance and adherence to the therapy is always a must.

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