Crohn’s Disease Versus Ulcerative Colitis: What Seperates These Two Diseases?

When looking at Crohn’s Disease versus ulcerative colitis there are many things that separate them.  From treatment, to causes, to symptoms while these disease at first may seem similar, when you really look at Crohn’s Disease versus ulcerative colitis you can see the subtle separation and why they are two separate diseases.

Figuring Which Is Which: Crohn’s Disease Versus Ulcerative Colitis

The first thing to look at is the symptoms of each disease and how they differ.  The first and most obvious is that in ulcerative colitis you usually will have extreme diarrhea with a significant amount of blood in the stool.  In Crohn’s Disease this is not usually the case, although it can be a symptom.  For the most part Crohn’s Disease can go undiagnosed for longer and is usually only properly diagnosed when there is a severe condition.  This will usually include an acute obstruction of the intestine, or perhaps even stool in the urine.  Each of these condition requires immediate attention by a doctor.

One thing that’s different when looking at Crohn’s Disease versus ulcerative colitis is the treatment.  In ulcerative colitis surgery is an option in extreme cases.  The basic procedure is to remove the large intestine or a large portion thereof.  This will have extreme hardships for the patient who receives this treatment, but in some cases it is the only option.  For Crohn’s Disease this is not as good an option.  Surgery is very rarely effective, and fully eighty five percent of patients who opt for surgery see a recurrence of the disease.  

In addition, Crohn’s Disease can be effectively treated by identify what in the diet is causing the onset and eliminating it.  With ulcerative colitis this is not as good an option as most of the time it is not brought on by diet.  

Both of the diseases do have some things in common.  They both can be very hard to treat, and both are extremely serious.   Each of the diseases pose a significant health risk and the treatment for each is very difficult.

When looking at the difference between ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s Disease what separates them becomes readily apparent.  If you think that you have either of these conditions consult your physician right away to talk about it.  Both of the diseases, if left untreated, can cause serious discomfort and health problems down the road.  Hopefully this has helped you to take a look at Crohn’s Disease versus ulcerative colitis and has given you a deeper understanding of these two conditions.

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